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Whether you are seasoned company driver, owner operator or simply someone that is thinking about a career in the trucking industry and just want more information then you have come to the right place.

My name is Matt, a veteran truck driver. I created this site to share the good, the bad and the ugly of the transportation industry to those starting out or contemplating a trucking career.

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Information for New and Prospective Truck Drivers

Find articles and information about how to become a truck driver, pay, what life is like on the road and much more!

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Flatbed Trucking Information

Wondering what it takes to pull a flatbed? Find Out Here!

Flatbed Trucking Information

Veteran Company Drivers

Already an experienced truck driver? Find tips and information that will improve your life on the road!

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Owner Operators

Learn about becoming an owner operator or further your business with some great advice!

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The Best Trucking Gear and Gadgets

Everything from dash cams to microwaves!

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Truck driver career information

Truck driving  is a very different job from most, it’s a lifestyle and a way of life. If you have not experienced the trucker lifestyle it is very easy to make inaccurate assumptions about the industry and the job. I want to give you the knowledge to be able to make an educated decision as to whether you should get your CDL  and if a truck driving career is right for you. Remember that your choice to be a truck driver will effect the people around you.

A truck driving career can be very lucrative career field to enter after you gain experience. Many truck drivers with experience average close to $50,000.00 dollars per year (see our page on truck driver pay). Other truck drivers that operate in niche transportation markets such as food service delivery, heavy haul trucking and other specialized transportation markets can make much more (see different types of trucking jobs). I worked for MBM Foods for several years and grossed over $60,000 dollars while having significant home time.

With that being said truck driving is not an easy job and it is more of a lifestyle than just a career. Time away from home is a big disadvantage of being a truck driver and it can be hard on family. There are also many problems facing the trucking industry and these problems can cause frustrations at times. There are many reasons as to why the average trucking company has a 97% turnover rate. I want to show you how to be one of the 3% that loves your job, is successful in your career and profitable. Some truck drivers love their job and others hate it. A good attitude is key to being successful in the transportation industry.

This site is not about CDL testing information nor do we have a CDL testing guide.  I have found that there are many of these sites out there but not many sites educating possible future truck drivers about general truck driver career information.

I hope that you find the information useful on my site CDL101 and if you have any questions please contact me. I will try and help you in anyway possible and answer your questions in the best possible way. If you can not find the information here you may find the trucking truth blog (unrelated to this site) helpful.