Image of trucks and the caption "advantages of being a truck driver, what makes this job awesome."

As you may have already read my disadvantages of being a truck driver psot I also want to provide some information about the many advantages of being a truck driver.


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Advantages of being a truck driver


Truckers Are Always In Demand

Job stability is one of the great advantages of being a truck driver. Most companies are always hiring and you will never be out of work. In today’s world everything is moved by truck, often by two or more different trucks and drivers. Most products are on demand shipping meaning that companies do not warehouse large amounts of goods anymore due to overhead and storage costs. This means that products and materials are always on wheels and must be delivered in a consistent flow. This helps greatly with having a steady workflow thought the year and also day to day.


No Boss, Well For The Most Part

If you do your job, are safe and deliver on time you will never here a word from your driver manager or anyone else for that manner from the trucking company you work for. No boss telling you what and how to do something is a great feeling as long as you are a independent, self starter type of person. You are free to run your truck like you want for the most part aside from federal and state laws.

The Open Road

The United States is a beautiful and unique country to drive across. From east coast to the west coast you will see huge forests, mountains, desert, plains and grasslands to name just a few environments. It is interesting to see how different Americans live from state to state and big city to tiny remote hamlets. I can say that I have seen city limit signs that list a population of 12 and then a couple days later I am in the

No Experience Needed

There are a good number of trucking companies hiring student driversand the cost of training if you choose the right school or have a trucking company train you is minimal or free. Some companies will reimburse you for your tuition costs. There are very few career fields that will pay you $35,000 plus a year for an entry level position. You can also get free CDL training from some of the larger trucking companies.

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Does your spouse want to drive or ride?

Trucking doesn’t have to about being separated from your significant other or children and this can be one of the big advantages of being a truck driver. Your spouse can also get their CDL and you can drive as a team and make a lot more than a solo driver. If this is not an option most companies will allow you to have a rider with you.

Children over 12 are generally allowed to ride during the summer months and spouses are allowed all year. For a lot of people the advantages of being a truck driver can outweigh the disadvantagesfor many reasons.

I can not tell you if you will love being a truck driver but can only supply you with the information to make an educated decision about your career. Companies and driving schools will come up with every reason as to why you should be a truck driver. I just want to give you the facts from real life experience so you can make your own decision,