Image with the caption "Choosing A Trucking Company to work for."

So you have decided to be a truck driver, or are at least giving it consideration. Choosing a trucking company to work for is a very important step for several reasons. This company will be the one to finish training you, give you your first experience in the trucking world and influence you in safety and other factors

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Choosing A Trucking Company To Work For


Don’t listen to the hype, do what works for you!

Drivers either love or hate their job and the same goes for the company they work for. Attitude is 90% of everything and a bad one will make for a bad experience. Being a truck driver has its advantages and disadvantages just like everything else. Take your time and think about what you want to do.


What to think about when choosing a trucking company to work for

First lets look at what types of trucking jobs are out there. There are many different options in companies when considering dry van, flatbed and refrigerated trucking companies. Not so many when it comes to food service and you may need a little experience before they will hire you but I still wanted to put it out there. I suggest reading my types of trucking jobs first before you choose a specific company.

Dry Van – Flatbed – Refrigerated – Food Service

Now after you pick which specific type of job you want its time to list what is most important to you that a trucking company can offer you. List them from most important to least important then compare them to the types of companies you picked out.

  • Home Time
  • Rider Policy
  • Money/Bonuses
  • Type of truck
  • Area of operation
  • Health care –
  • Vacation
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Free CDL Training
  • Retirement Accounts/Plans
  • Discount Programs
  • Anything else that is offered

I suggest not really worrying about the money because most companies pay the same or close to it. I did not take everything into consideration when I chose my first company and it was a big mistake.  The second time around I choose more carefully. I decided that a rider policy, flatbed freight and unlimited free showers was the most important things for me. Remember that choosing a trucking company to work for is a process and it needs to be thought out.

Big companies vs small companies

There are many trucking companies out in the world, big and small. When you are first starting out I think your best option is to head to a larger Over The Road (OTR) company. I say this for several reasons. One they have a well established system of helping, training and working with new drivers. After you get your CDL you are not a truck driver yet because there is so much more to learn.  Secondly they are big on safety, maintenance and will always pay you on time. These are all good things to have behind you especially if you are a new driver.

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Take your time and be patient

The application process takes time and you need to be patient. FMCSA Pre Employment Screening  and other pre employment requirements make for a lengthy process.  Every company is mandated to do a thorough employment  history check, drug test, address history check and criminal background check. Do not lie on an application because you will get caught and  never be employable in the eyes of that employer ever again.

Remember that choosing a trucking company to work for, especially your first company should not be a quick a decision.