We all have to start somewhere right? Luckily for inexperienced truck drivers it is very easy to find work in most cases. Below you will find a list of trucking companies that hire inexperienced truck drivers as well as general information about seeking employment as a truck driver. It is important that you are well informed about the trucking company you are going to work for as well as the trucking industry as a whole.


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Trucking Companies Hiring Inexperienced Drivers


There are many trucking companies that hire inexperienced truck drivers as you can see below. Most of these are very large trucking companies that are either have OTR (Over The Road) or regional trucking operations in most if not all US states. These trucking companies are the best place to get your experience because there is a large support network for you and they generally have a good system down for providing training to new drivers.


The hiring process for inexperienced truck drivers

The hiring process is a bit different for trucking companies than most “regular” jobs. It is important that you are honest about everything on your application because the company is required by federal law and the FMCSA to check your criminal record, employment and addresses for at least the last 10 years.

After you complete your application you will most likely here here back from the company within three days. The recruiters may have some questions or other paperwork for you to fill out. After your application is accepted you will be then asked to attend a training and orientation at the companies

Training and orientation for inexperienced drivers

During orientation you will learn about company policies/expectations, safety and general information about working for that particular company. You will also be given a DOT physical, if you do not pass you will be sent home. Inexperienced drivers will then attend a training class that will last anywhere from one to three weeks. You will work on backing and driving skills, attend more informational classes and be tested on your skills and knowledge. If you are going to be working for a flatbed trucking company you will also learn how to tarp and secure loads that you will be hauling.

After you complete your training with the trucking company you will then be assigned a driver trainer. You will be out on the road with your driver trainer for anywhere between 4 and 12 weeks.

Make sure that you listen and learn as much as possible from your driver trainer. They can teach you more than anyone in a classroom can. It can be hard to be stuck in a truck with a stranger but make the best of it and keep your demeanor professional at all time. Remember that you are a guest in their house so mind your manners and clean up after yourself.

After you complete your driver training period you may be tested out at the companies terminal. This often is a series of tests and then a final on road driving test. After you complete these tests then you will be assigned a truck and dispatched on your first load.

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 Things to consider as a inexperienced truck driver

Always research each trucking company to make sure that you know what you are getting into and how their particular contract will work. You do not want to be stuck working for a company for a year or more.

Many people jump right into truck driving because they think that they will make allot of money and/or because it seems easy. Do not make any assumptions about the trucking industry or being a truck driver. There are many disadvantages as well as advantages of being a truck driver, it is not a  job, it’s a lifestyle that you must like in order to be successful.

Please always investigate the company you are going to be working for. I do not endorse any single company on this list or on my website.

List of Trucking Companies Hiring Inexperienced Truck Drivers

Click on name to visit the trucking companies website.

JB Hunt hires inexperienced truck drivers

JB Hunt

  • Inter-modal, dedicated, regional and and Over The Road Operations
  • Hiring Class A and B Drivers
  • Pre-Qualify for driving opportunities
  • Dry Van
Swift Transportation Logo. Offers CDL training as well as positions for inexperienced truck drivers Flatbed and Dry Van operations.

Swift Transportation

  • Offers CDL training as well as positions for inexperienced truck drivers
  • Flatbed and Dry Van operations
Covenant Transport Trucking Job Icon

Covenant Transport

  • Team and Solo Driving Positions
  • $700 dollar a week guarantee
  • Higher pay if Hazmat endorsed
Werner Enterprises hires inexperienced truck drivers

Werner Enterprises

  • Van, Flatbed and Reefer operations
  • Regional, dedicated and OTR/Over The Road
  • 100+ dedicated accounts
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Schneider National hires inexperience drivers truck.

Schneider National

  • Part and Full time positions
  • Tanker, van, flatbed & Inter-modal
  • Regional, dedicated and OTR
  • Huge company
USA Truck Jobs for new truck drivers

USA Truck

  • Dry Van Only
  • Great Benefits
  • $100 NYC Pay
US Express hires inexperienced truck drivers

US Express

  • Automatic Transmissions
  • Dedicated and Regional
  • Dry Van
CRST Trucking company jobs


  • Benefits within 30 Days
  • Dry Van
Super Service Truck

Super Service

  • Considers Student Drivers
  • Dry van
  • 85% Drop and Hook
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Tmc Transport Logo

TMC Transport

  • 100% Flatbed
  • Very nice trucks and equipment
  • Great company for military veterans
  • Professional atmosphere
Prime inc trucking hires student drivers


  • Tanker, Flatbed & Reefer
  • Great Training
  • 500HP Detroit Engines
Arnold Trucking Hires Student Drivers

Arnold Transportation Services

  • Dry Van
  • 24 HR dispatch
  • Tins of regional lanes
Maverick Flatbed Truck

Maverick Transportation

  • Good pay package for students
  • Primarily Flatbed
  • Specialized Flatbed
Navajo Express Trucking hires inexperienced truck drivers

Navajo Express

  • Dry Van
  • Regional fleet
Crete Carrier hires inexperienced drivers

Crete Carrier

  • Dry Van
  • Sister company is Shaffer Trucking
Shaffer trucking hires student drivers

Shaffer Trucking

  • 100% Reefer
  • Sister Company of Crete Carriers
HO Wolding Trucking

H.O.Wolding Trucking

  • Regional and OTR
  • Primarily operates in the eastern US
KLLM Hires inexperienced drivers.

KLLM Transport Services

  • Dry Van and Reefer
  • Regional and Dedicated divisions
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Tyson foods trucking company

Tyson Foods

  • Reefer
  • Team and solo positions
  • Dedicated accounts