There are many different types of truck driving jobs within the trucking industry. Many different terms are used to describe operations a trucking company may servicing.

Many large and small trucking companies will service a specific region within the United State. The regions may be defined by sectors such as the north east, south, or west coast regions within the country. Regions may also be select states that are operated in due to a specific customers needs.

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What a Regional trucking operation means to the driver

  • Since the driver operates within a smaller region than Over The Road (OTR) Trucking companies most truck drivers have ample home time. Many drivers are home every weekend or thought the work week.
  • Customers that are serviced by regional truck fleets often form working relationships with truck drivers because they become regular visitors to there business or location. Time can be used more efficiently because the truck driver is familiar with the customers loading procedure and times of operation.
  • A truck driver operating within a region is also able to become more familiar with routes, major highways and trucking infrastructure that further his or her efficiency overtime.

Regional trucking jobs can be very rewarding for truck drivers that have family or children because of the ample amount of time of.

Some regional trucking companies or fleets with regional operations include Schneider NationalJB Hunt and NFI Transportation.