Image of two trucks with the caption "Truck Driving Jobs With free Training."

There are many trucking companies that offer free truck driver training. For many people it is not possible to get a loan for a trucking school program or the cost of trucking school is simply to expensive. Each company will differ a bit in how their truck driver training program works but there are two basic ways as list below.


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Truck Driving Jobs With Training


How free training works

  1. The trucking  company will provide you with completely free training and in return you will sign a contract that you will work for them for either one or two years.
  2. The trucking company will train you at no upfront cost to you but after you complete training they will take out a certain amount from your paycheck until the “cost” is payed back. This is over a one or two year time frame.

Note: With either of these options you will have to pay back a prorated amount to the trucking company if you were to quite prior to your contract period ending.

When you complete your “free CDL training”  program from the trucking company that you choose you will then go out on the road with a driver trainer. You will spend four to six weeks with your truck driver trainer then you will be issued your truck and be out on your own.

Make sure that you research each company and each companies school closely. Review the actual contract BEFORE you even attend school. You do not want a surprise to pop up half way through your training. I also caution you to read as much about truck driving as possible so you know that it is a job and lifestyle that will work for you and/or your family.


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List of Truck Driving Jobs With Training

 SWIFT Transportation – Flatbed, Regional,  Dedicated and Over the Road.

 ROEHL Transport – Dry Van, Flatbed and  curtainside trailers.

 Celadon – Dry Van Trailers

 Schneider National –  Schneider operates many different trailers

PRIME Inc – Prime has a excellent training program from what I have heard but I do not have any first hand experience working for them.

USA Truck – USA also provides training for Spanish speaking students from what I have read. Habla Espaniol

Central Refrigerated – Central specializes in pulling reefer trailers.

Stevens Transport – Based in Texas and specialize in reefer frieght

CRST International – CRST has several different operations

CR England – England states they have an accelerated CDL training  program