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For some our pets whether a dog, cat or other exotic animal are part of our family or are our family. Leaving them behind while you spend time out on the road is not a healthy option for the owner or the pet. Many studies have shown that a pet, especially a dog or cat can boost moral, fight off loneliness and lower blood pressure and stress levels.

There are many trucking companies that allow pets to be with you out on the road. Most trucking companies have a pet policy of some type. You will have to pay an up front fee and/or deposit in order to bring your pet with you in the truck.


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Trucking Companies That Allow Pets


Many trucking companies that allow pets will require you to pay a deposit that will range from $500 to $2,500. Some companies will refund part or all of this deposit when you quit working for that company. LTI Trucking services (listed below) is by far the most pet friendly trucking company out there but there are also a lot of other larger companies listed below.

The only company that we have found that allows more than one pet is Interstate Distributors. They allow a maximum of two pets per truck but it is unclear as to what type of pet they allow. Most trucking companies allow dogs only but as you can see below a few do allow cats.



List of trucking companies that allow pets

Click on the trucking company name to go to their website.


Melton Truck LinesOne Cat/Dog Only | Under 30 LBS| $750 Deposit | Melton Pet Policy Form

Trans Am Trucking – One Cat/Dog Only | $2,500 Deposit or Fee

Swift Transportation Unknown Number of Pets | $500 Deposit with $250 Refundable (SWIFT is currently not allowing ANY pets unless you are an owner operator)

LTI Trucking Services – Unknown Number of Pets | Minimal Deposit | Up to 60 LBS | Very pet Friendly

Werner Enterprises – One Cat/Dog | $500 Deposit Under 35 LBS/$1,000 over 35 LBS | Declawed Cats Only

 Arnold Transportation – One Cat/Dog | $400 Deposit

FFE Transportation – One Cat/Dog | Under 50 LBS | $100 Deposit and a deduction of one CPM

Hirschbach Motor Lines – Lease Operators Only

Interstate DistributorTwo Pets Per Truck | Call Interstate for details

Prime Inc – One Cat/Dog | Under 40 LBS | $1,000 Deposit

Star Transportation – One Cat/Dog

Super Service – One Cat/Dog | Under 35 LBS | $750 Deposit

Knight Transportation –  One Dog/Cat only | under 30lb | $400.00 Deposit | up to $200.00 Refundable

Quest Global – Two pets | $1000 Deposit

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Advice when considering having a pet in your truck

Remember that while having a cat or dog with you while trucking across the United States may be great you have to keep in mind that that animal depends on you for everything. You may have to stop more frequently than other truck drivers for bathroom breaks and exercise time. Larger dogs will require much more exercise and care than smaller pets.

Larger dogs also shed a lot and the inside of a truck and sleeper are a very small environment for a larger dog. It may be best for must truck drivers to consider having a cat or dog that weighs less than about 30 pounds. Larger dogs can also be very hard to get in and out of semi truck.

Always keep plenty of food in water in your truck in case you are stuck somewhere for an extended period time somewhere. Chew toys will keep your pet entertained and also act as a deterrent from damaging the inside of the truck in anyway.

When loading or unloading be sure to leave you pet inside your truck at all times. Most companies will not permit animals on or outside of the truck at anytime while on their property. Some companies may also not permit you on their property at all with a pet inside your truck.