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There are many trucking companies that train and hire people from all over the country. How many industries allow you to walk in the door, train you at no upfront cost and then pay you 40 to 50 thousand dollars a year within 12 months. Many people spend 60 thousand dollars on a college degree and then make 12 dollars an hour for many years to come.


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Trucking Companies That Train and Hire


Many people find company training to be an easy option to get your CDL and it is, after all you get your license and a job all in one. I completely understand that but I do want to share some of the advantages and disadvantages of having a trucking company train you.

As with everything in life nothing is free and the trucking company that trains and hires you will expect something in return.


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CDL Training is not free!

You are going to pay for your training regardless of whether you have a trucking company train you or if you decide to go to an independent/free standing trucking school. Make sure that you weigh the cost of each option. If trucking school ends up being a little cheaper then why not save a buck or two? Keep in mind that most trucking companies will reimburse you the total cost of what you paid to an independent trucking schools anyway.

If you have poor or no credit and can not get a loan to attend a truck driver training program then a company sponsored training program may be a great option for you. Another perk to having a company train you is that you will be guaranteed a job as soon as your training is completed.

Do you want to be contracted to a trucking company?

If you are looking at trucking companies that train and hire you will have to weigh the option of being legally contracted to work only for that company for either one or two years. If you decide that you hate trucking, the lifestyle or just am not home enough you will have to pay back the amount of the training. Each trucking companies contracts will vary significantly and it is important to fully read and understand the terms and conditions of the contract you will be signing.

As an inexperienced truck driver you should stay with your first company for a very bare minimum of one year but two is great and three would be spectacular. Trucking companies frown on drivers that start hoping from on trucking company to the next. It is very expensive to hire a new driver and after to many jobs within a short period of time trucking companies will start seeing you as unstable.

If you do decide to leave the trucking company that trained you then the balance of the training will fall due when you resign.

Advantages of company training

  • No upfront cost
  • Earn a paycheck faster
  • Easy process

Disadvantages of company training

  • You must sign a contract and be attached to that company for one or two years
  • Cost may be higher in the long run
  • You will be away from home for an extended period of time

Other considerations

When deciding on which company you want to receive your training from it is important to think about what exactly that company hauls and where they operate.  If you are interested in flatbed trucking then you will obviously have to look at flatbed companies. Other thing to consider is how often you will be home, where the company operates and what the pay and benefits are like. You should apply and then look at all of your offers and then decide which company you like best. Remember that trucking is more than a job, it is a lifestyle and something you will live, eat, sleep and breath 24 hours a day when you are out on the road. It is very important to find a company that you will be happy working for.

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List of trucking companies that train and hire

All of the companies list below hire without requiring a CDL or any previous experience in the trucking industry.

SWIFT Transportation – Flatbed, Regional, dedicated and (OTR) over the road.

ROEHL Transport – Dry Van, Flatbed and curtainside trailers.

Celadon – Dry Van trailers only.

Schneider National –  Schneider operates many different trailers.

PRIME Inc – Prime has a excellent training program from what I have heard but I do not have any first hand experience working for them.

USA Truck – USA also provides training for Spanish speaking students from what I have read. Habla Espaniol

Central Refrigerated – Central specializes in pulling reefer trailers.

Stevens Transport – Based in Texas and specialize in reefer freight.

CRST International – CRST has several different operations.

CR England – England states they have an accelerated CDL training  program.

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Final thoughts and advice

Research is very important whether you are considering company sponsored CDL training  or a stand alone trucking school. Many trucking companies if not all are always short on drivers and will often make things sound better than they are in reality. On the other side of the fence trucking schools may get a kickback from the company that you decide to work for. Do not let anyone talk you into something that you are not 100% sure on.

The last bit of advice I would give you is to make sure you understand the trucking industry and what it is really like to be a truck driver. Make sure that you research the industry just as well as any company you work for. Trucking is a lifestyle, not a job!