I wanted to give you a list of some very useful trucking gear to have in your truck when you are first starting out. I know every truck stop is loaded with this stuff but it is all very overpriced and a lot of it is low quality. Amazon is a great company with very fast shipping and the lowest prices.  I personally recommend the products below, simply click on the images below to view more information, prices and ratings on the product.

Navigation Trucking Gear

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These are some of your most important tools you could have. Even if you have a GPS you must have these three thing in your truck. The atlas above lists all weigh stations, low clearances and the pages are laminated so you can write on them. The dry erase markers are great for writing on your maps and for also writing directions on the top of you windshield. The Truck Stop Directory is  mandatory. It lists every fuel stop and truck stop in the United States and Canada. If you are interested in a GPS I suggest the Rand McNally TND 720 LM IntelliRoute Truck GPS. Regular GPS units will route you poorly.


Emergency Trucking Gear

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A medium sized Maglite flashlight, pepper spray, seat belt cutter/window breaker and first aid kits are very smart trucking gear to have with you.

Survival Trucking Gear

Please do not be one of these drivers that have nothing in you truck. Keep at least two gallons of water and at least a couple days worth of food in your truck. There are many remote places in the US and Canada and people do not like to stop for broken down motorists anymore, especially truckers. Medications, extra eye glasses and any other personal needs products are a must. Toilet paper is also nice to have with you.

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